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//have some wimpy brother art. Fiddles is disappointed until now. :u

{Oh my god he’s so adorable!!!!

I must petition for Thresh to be his godfather, or uncle at least.  Please.  Pretty please.}


//Sure, why not. Godfather would be nice. :) I won’t mind Thresh-mun! :D


{Thank you so much!  I have to draw Thresh visiting his godson now and giving him a present!}


{Won't last the night prompt} "I could give you a head start before my Doppelganger finds your soul.... would that help?"


"yes… I think so… Just.. make it painless if you’d be so kind." Closes his eyes.

Thresh started.  He came here to comfort Monkcoon, not to kill him.  Being asked to do such a thing…

But he saw his body shudder with each and every labored breath, heard each wheeze etched in pain, and knew he had no other choice.

Standinng at the head of Monkcoon’s bed, he grabbed his chin and lifted his head up, tilting it so his neck was shown.  “Relax,” Thresh said as he felt the other’s body convulse at the change in position, placing the blade of his kusarigama against the other’s throat, “just let go…”  He hesitated a moment more, before acting.

A spray of blood, a thud, and it was done.


//have some wimpy brother art. Fiddles is disappointed until now. :u

{Oh my god he’s so adorable!!!!

I must petition for Thresh to be his godfather, or uncle at least.  Please.  Pretty please.}


{Is he trying to scare you?  Or merely wanting a hug?  Who knows?

Oh, and his name is officially Kairon.}

{What’s this?  Thresh-child on the way?

Stay tuned!}




Images from Surrender@20

I’m in love. I’m definitely buying this Vi skin.

[[ OH. MY. GOD. enforcedviolence

{Who’s the waitress though?  I feel like she’s someone important.

Perhaps its another champ preview, like in the Pool Party splasharts.}

"I'm feeling rather..."spiritless."" Karthus drawled out to the Chain Warden below him. "What would you say to bringing out Senna, or another one of your favorite souls and having a little fun?" The spell book in Death Singer's hands snapped shut with lighting speed as Karthus floated down closer to Thresh's lantern.



The lantern moved away from Karthus.  “First of all, she’s not in there: she’s safe inside the Shadow Isles, in my private Vault.  Second, even if she was there, I wouldn’t hand her over to you.  She’s our greatest bargaining chip into getting the purifiers off our tail, Karthus.”

{I have headcanons on how the encounter with the purifiers went with my Thresh here}

"I still believe diplomacy is possible in this situation.  For instance, you’ve seen how many children the Shadow Isles have been producing, haven’t you?  It might be another factor into gaining city-state status for teh Isles.  What is required is:

  • The population must be of sufficient size.  My souls and your choir don’t count, but the children might.
  • The settlement must have a governmental structure.  I’m sure we can discuss this at length.
  • The settlement must have a means to police itself.  Yours truly is the warden, so that we have covered.
  • {Info on eligability for city-statehood here}

If we can achieve that,” Thresh continues, “then we have limited diplomatic immunity, and if Lucian has not agreed to my ultimatum by then, we keep Senna as a prisoner of war.  So if you want to torture her, we must achieve city-statehood.

As for this ‘fun’, what exactly did you have in mind…?”


Karthus raised a eyebrow ridge slightly. “Mmm…I see you’ve done your, hmm, research thoroughly on the matter.” He looked upon the lantern that was pulled away from his reach. “But where’s the fun in all that?”

"I’m thinking in the long term, my friend.  Should this plan be achieved, it’s better for us later down the road.  We shall appear to be playing to their rules, when in reality we slowly bide our time.  And when they least expect it, then we strike."

He didn’t know what more to say.  He didn’t really like the idea of taking over Runeterra nor torturing souls unless they deserved it.  It wasn’t fun to him anymore…

Good night! ▷




Meanwhile I’m just
“Why is the rim in the pacific??? Why not the atlantic?? Oceanist bastards.”

//Because the Pacific Rim is an actual geological areaimage

and in that area, there is a shit ton of Teutonic activity that is basically pushing the American and Asiatic…

I didn’t expect an actual answer but



{I wanna know more about Corbeau! What does he like to do? What are his favorite hobbies? What do his dad and siblings think of him?}



Corbeau like to play with her friend Karissa (Is one OC of Fiddle/astatine mun) that’s what he said to me. Hmm i don’t know when i’m with him we play alot of games so i don’t have one answer! Papa sometimes think that he is a little bit easy to scare, my other siblings i don’t know i didn’t ask to them! and my opinion of Corbeau is he is a nice boy he is a nice brother.

//Corbeau is the average wimpiest scarecrow you’ll meet. xD However, he is good company and a listener. Although Astatine likes to tease him alot. xD Sadly, Papasticks is a little disappointed in him because he expects to have a boy that’s alot like him, buuuuut as usual. He still cares for his boy.

{He should meet Derrick — that could be a thing when Thresh brings him over to meet Astatine, maybe}

your-little-executioner said: //why not? and sorry I haven’t replied to your post. M!A is active unless I can reply as child Asta. ;u;

{Of course you can!  The way I always understood it was that any rp’s started before the M!A would not be under it’s effects.}


"I wonder…"

"…should I contstruct a child?  I’ve been thinking about it, and…

I dunno…”


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  1. I have still yet to draw comics for two nuzlocke runs, and I’m on a third.  I still have yet to figure out how to comic.
  2. I have never played a Legend of Zelda game. T^T
  3. My favorite Warhammer 40k army is Tyranids.
  4. After missing the first block of the Theros set in Magic The Gathering, I missed the rest of it, and as such have few cards from it.  I should restock in Khans of Tarkir.
  5. Jawas are my favorite race and are at least 10x better than ewoks.

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